Jessica Markham, RLA

Wisconsin Landscape Architect #596-014



University Wisconsin - Madison

2002 BS-Landscape Architecture


Career in Brief (years experience):


Public Practice: 3

Residential Design / Landscape Contracting:  10


Project Management Range: 

$5k - $1.2 Million 


States practiced in:

Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin

Landscape Architect for 2009 Belgard World Class Award for Best In Class Driveways

Why Hire a Landscape Architect?


Licensed Professional


Landscape Architects are licensed and accredited professionals unlike Landscape Designers. Landscape Architects must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited university, have completed a mandatory internship period under another licensed professional, pass a rigorous national licensing exam, and complete ongoing continuing education courses per state requirements. By hiring a Landscape Architect, you are choosing a professional committed to environmental design that protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Have One Landscape Plan!


I have been on both sides of project management – the lead Landscape Architect reviewing contractor bids to make sure that they meet public project requirements and the Landscape Contractor’s estimator trying to put together a bid for a homeowner that is piecing three different landscape designs together. My best piece of advice is that good, on budget, and timely projects start with one thorough plan. There is usually a lot more to an outdoor project than putting in a bunch of pretty plants. You get what you pay for and a free design isn’t usually construction ready.


I have met many homeowners that are either intimidated by the thought of hiring a design professional or think that they can save money by meeting with several Landscape Contractors on their own. Landscape Architects in the grand scheme of things are not that expensive. A qualified Landscape Architect will actually save you money by being your advocate. We can advise you upfront if your programming goals and site do not match well. We can verify ordinance and code requirements with your local municipality and submit appropriate variance applications if necessary. We can reverse engineer a landscape plan to meet your budget constraints prior to even speaking with a Contractor. We can advise you if you will get a good return on your project investment. We can assist in project phasing advice and develop a thorough bid set for choosing the right Landscape Contractor for your project.

Convenience & Timing


When you own the plan, you decide what to do with it!   You can keep the plan as a roadmap to your future backyard paradise doing small portions of the work by yourself. Or you can bid the whole thing out and select one or more Landscape Contractors based on their individual expertise. We can prepare an easy to fill out bid form for your project and set a tentative project completion date for prospective bidders.   We will assist in all Contractor questions and consultation meetings. Additionally, after project installation has begun, we can check in and verify progress on-site as needed.

 Maintenance Support


You will not be left alone to determine what plants needs to be replaced under warranty and if settling on that new patio is normal. We can coordinate a final punch list meeting with the Contractor a year after project completion. We can also be of assistance prioritizing pruning and maintenance needs in future years.

  What do Landscape Architectural Services Cost?


Every project, client, and design package are unique. Residential design fees typically range from $300 - $2000 depending on the project scope. The first hour long consultation is free and will determine design fee costs, program elements for the project, and construction budget. A design fee proposal will then be submitted outlining included and optional design services. A typical design usually includes inventory and analysis of existing site, preparation of a landscape development plan, preliminary cost estimating, and two sets of revisions. Optional design services include landscape construction documents including cross section detail drawings, bid form and supplemental bid documents, obtaining and reviewing completed bid forms, construction observation, and punch list issuance.   Project reimbursables may include, but are not limited to, site surveys, printing costs, and construction observation mileage.


I really need help. Do I need a Landscape Plan?


Maybe not. We offer on-site consultations billable at $50/hour. These consultations also include detailed meeting minutes so you have a written record of what was discussed and appropriate landscape remedies. These types of consultations are perfect for homeowners that need basic direction inventorying and maintaining existing plant material.


Are there advantages to installing my own plant material?


Many more than just getting your hands dirty, pride in a job well done, and the added health benefits of working outside! We offer a 15% discount on all perennial or hardy plants purchased from Anchors Away Garden and Gifts for our design clients for up to a year after plan completion date.


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