You can't be an Expert at Everything...

I used to compare plants to children.  Sometimes you can do everything right and you can have one plant in a group of perfectly fine plants that just decides to misbehave!  It's frustrating and you can spend hours blaming yourself.  Take heart knowing that you aren't alone and we answer tons of care questions every season.  We have compiled the following care guides for your information and use.  Should you have any more specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


It never fails, you purchase a finished container from a greenhouse and within two weeks it looks completely different.  We often get questions about how we keep our plants looking so well groomed and healthy.  Here are some insider tips to keep your containers looking just like ours still in the greenhouse!


The transition from warm cozy greenhouse to freshly tilled garden outdoors can be a little rough for a vegetable transplant.  Mother nature grows the best produce, but there are few steps involved in the process so you speed your little transplants along.

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