2020 Shrub Varieties:

They're Back!  Prebudded Shrubs for Gift Giving...

We have been selling prebudded shrubs for year's due to their popularity as gifts for Mother's Day and Memorial Day. What is "prebudded"?  These are hardy shrubs that have been awakened early from dormancy in the safety of our greenhouses, forced into foliage and blooming times earlier, and ready to bloom 2-3 months early!  Pending weather conditions - they usually are in bud and starting to bloom mid May.


We admit we love ALL flowers, but these are extra special!  These Hydrangeas and Shrub Roses both give joy to your gift recipient and unlike most floral crops, they ARE hardy to be planted in the landscape to be enjoyed for many years.

Prebudded Hydrangeas

Prebudded Shrub Roses

Spring Flowering Shrubs:


Summer Flowering Shrubs:






Hardy Shrub Roses

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** Photos courtesy of Proven Winners and Baileys Nurseries.