Perfectly timed bloom-wise, Lilacs and Bridalwreath Spireas signal "spring"!


Spirea x vanhouttei 'Renaissance'

'Renaissance' Spirea


Renaissance is a selection of Vanhoutte Spirea but with more disease resistance than traditional bridalwreath spireas. It has cool blue-green foliage with a fall color that's orange-red. It is more of a vase-shaped plant. White flower clusters cover the plant in late May and blooms on the prior year's wood. Very low maintenance and easy to grow.


Exposure:  Full - Part Sun

Blooms:  Late Spring

Height:  5-7'

Spacing:  5-7'

Zones:  3-8

Tags:  sun, butterfly, hummingbird, deer resistant, easy to grow.


Syringa 'Bloomerang® Dark Purple'

'Bloomerang Dark Purple' Lilac


These Lilacs bloom two times and that’s a wonderful thing! They bloom in spring like traditional lilacs, then re-bloom mid summer through fall. 'Dark Purple' is bigger than original Blooming Purple Lilac, and has larger, more rounded inflorescences. This is a strong grower and will add beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall.


Exposure:  Full Sun

Blooms:  Early Summer - Late Fall

Height:  4-6'

Spacing:  4-6'

Zones:  3-7

Tags:  sun, PW, butterfly, deer resistant, cut flowers, fragrant.

Syringa patula 'Dream Cloud'

'Dream Cloud' Manchurian Lilac


A different color than the species, in early summer you’ll find Dream Cloud™ covered in fluffy panicles of pink flowers – so much so that there’s hardly a trace of the leaves to be seen. A spectacular sight to see, these blooms measure 12” long x 9” wide! As summer wanes, cooler nights produce a rich, purple, fall color – yet another nuance that adds one more season of interest. This plant is truly a winner: more resistant to powdery mildew and root rot diseases than other lilacs on the market, Dream Cloud™ should be an absolute joy to grow! Prune immediately after flowering has finished giving time for next year’s buds to set.


Exposure:  Full Sun

Blooms:  Late Spring - Early Summer

Height:  4-5'

Spacing:  4-5'

Zones:  3-7

Tags:  sun, butterfly, deer resistant, cut flowers, fragrant.

Syringa 'Virtual Violet'

'Virtual Violet' Lilac


With shiny violet new leaves, deep purple stems, raspberry purple buds and fragrant violet flowers, 'Virtual Violet' is aptly named. The habit is upright instead of rounded and compact. The dense habit makes it great choice for a hedge in smaller spaces as well as a welcome addition to foundation plantings. Remarkably mildew free.


Exposure:  Full Sun

Blooms:  Mid Spring

Height:  6-8'

Spacing:  5-7'

Zones:  3-7

Tags:  sun, First Editions, butterfly, deer resistant, cut flowers, fragrant.